SAVE is a collaborative research project being undertaken in the spirit of international co-operation to answer an important clinical and public health question in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

International Coordinating Centre (ICC)

Responsible for overall coordination of the study; The ICC is based at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, Adelaide, South Australia.

Members: Professor Doug McEvoy (Chair), Dr Emma Heeley (Global Project Manager), Associate Professor Nick Antic, Ms Laura Jarema, Mr Denzil Paul.

Executive Committee (EC)

Professor Doug McEvoy (Chair, Principal Investigator), Professor Craig Anderson, Professor Wang Jiguang, Professor Ron Grunstein, Professor Lyle Palmer, Professor Huang Shaoguang, Professor Susan Redline, Professor Jan Hedner, Professor Zhong Nanshan, Professor Bruce Neal and Dr Emma Heeley (Executive Secretary).

Operations Committee (OC)

Dr Emma Heeley (Chair), Professor Doug McEvoy, Professor Craig Anderson, Associate Professor Nick Antic.

Data Management and Analysis Centre (DMAC)

Responsible for overall management of the data and quality control procedures. The DMAC is based at The George Institute for Global Health, Sydney, Australia.

Members: Professor Craig Anderson, Dr Emma Heeley, Mrs Ruth Martens, Ms Michelle Leroux, Ms Tina Cheung, Associate Professor Laurent Billot.

Collaborating Sites (CS)

Responsible for overall management of the study at own site in accordance with the study protocol; research coordinator recruitment and orientation; protocol education of colleagues; patient recruitment; data collection and data transfer to the DMC and ICC; data query resolutions; liaison with local ethics committees and other regulatory and administrative groups; adherence to local ethics committee guidelines and reporting requirements; and adverse event reporting to ethics committees, in accordance with protocol.

Members: Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, Research Coordinator and Research Associate staff.

Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health Flinders University The George Institute University of Sydney Australian Sleep Trials Network Rui Jin Hospital